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...it's this which makes me sing


Vivir Por Vivir
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For those of you who don't know, I am getting ready to travel around the world, and this journal is going to document it. What's the point of this journey? How i answer that today, today being a state of mind that is pumped with naive idealism and painfully addictive sensativity to all of the sweetest, sourest, bitterest, spicyest, and most savory bits of the world out there, i see my life divided into two overlapping journeys.

the first one is the only path to the second, though both run with me constantly. the first is that of absorbtion. the second is that of giving what i've absorbed back, baptized with my own creative energy. this is the journey of the former.

basically, i'm getting ready to save the world...someday. but first i need to know it. i need to step outside and let it rain on me. my skin needs to be sunkissed and sunburned and windblown and washed with storms of every form of beauty, from drunkenly lovestruck to desparate and tragic.

so off i go...

~Rachael 06

"Scoop my brains and let my heart have action
In its thousand million lots,
In the dumb city dawn I am senseless and drawn to the sun
as the blackbirds and the toppyknots.
And in biting down on the great foam world
What is the looming thing?
Not money, not flesh, not happiness,
But this, which makes me sing." ~Augie March